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Heroes ConArtist Alley Table AA-1024June 17–19, 2016Charlotte Convention Center


Carrie Smith is from Virginia. She got a degree in literature before someone warned her that this was just a mean joke that colleges play on kids from the suburbs. In addition to the scripts for To The Power Against and Manchu Park, Carrie has written loads of stories, scripts, books, and fiddly bits for random television shows. Her script for Manchu Park was a semi-finalist in the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship competition.

Web site:
Twitter: @AdaEngine

Stephanie Lantry grew up in Michigan and has been drawing comics since she was a wee kid. She has done the artwork for innumerable independent works, including Journey Into Misery, To The Power Against, and the forthcoming Manchu Park, and has created animated shorts for CBS and the Kids in the Hall. She also holds a degree in applied computer and internet nerdery.

Web site:
Twitter: @StephanieLantry

Stephanie and Carrie are both very fond of pie and cake.