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Heroes ConArtist Alley Table AA-1024June 17–19, 2016Charlotte Convention Center

Last Minute Heroes Con Stuff

Hi, friends.

Apologies for the last minute info but there will be a Conjoined Comics presence at Heroes Con this weekend! Blame busy schedules, Los Angeles transit, etc.

Unfortunately only one of us will be there due to Work Commitments, however Carrie will be there in spirit, via astral projection.

Stephanie will be there with these fine offerings:

– To The Power Against vol. 1 & 2

– Emogician minis

– Hazardous Maths post cards

– Super cute buttons

Due to the extra space, there will also be con sketches for the first time in many moons!

Get a cool inked and toned sketch and impress your friends.

– 9″ x 12″ for $40

– 5″ x 7″ for $20

– Tiny sketch cards for $5